One of the funniest things to watch is a young child engaging in what usually is adult behavior.  This little girl is at the top of that class.

Josie is upset. And we mean really upset. She’s mad at her Mimi for saying a bad word. (“Poop” is a bad word in Josie’s book.)  She’s going to take a rest and then be upset.

Eric Palonen, from Jewett City, Connecticut, posted this video of his two-year-old daughter during a rant about her grandmother who she calls Mimi. People have really enjoyed watching Josie tell her story with great drama and hand gestures in her little polka-dotted shirt.

“She certainly knows how to SOUND like an adult,” her dad wrote on YouTube.

We agree with him: she definitely meets the criteria for a Diva In Training.  This is not her first time on camera – her dad has been documenting her entertaining behavior since she was born.

The makers of this video would like you to know this: She’s not saying “when my parent BEAT me up”.  She is saying “when my parents PICK me up.”

Most of the comments about this video are positive, saying it’s the cutest thing ever.  But there are a few detractors. To summarize these naysayers, they think it may be cute now, but what will happen when she’s a TEENAGER?

Allie Caren About the author:
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