This “Dance Moms” performer’s insane “Whack Back” move is blowing up the internet


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Maesi Caes, a 12-year-old dancer from Altoona, Iowa, was already something of a star, having danced onstage with Justin Bieber and appeared on “Dance Moms.” But now she’s truly a hit, having gone viral with a video that shows her performing her incredible signature move called the “Whack Back.”

Check out the video, and you’ll know exactly why it’s called the “Whack Back.”

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Caes dances around the studio, forcefully flinging her arms and legs in rhythm to the music. Then she begins her signature move. She leaps into the air and somehow outstretches her legs, almost like doing the splits in midair, then flings her legs behind her back in a way most humans couldn’t even dream of doing. She then lands on the floor using only the palms of her hands, and her legs then snap back in front of her body.

The other dancers watching can be heard airing a collective “Oooh!”

The video originally appeared last year on Caes’ Instagram account, but she reposted it in October, and it took off from there. The original video has now been viewed more than 1.7 million times.

In the caption for the video clip, Caes, who clearly knew she’d pulled off a spectacular feat, wrote: “And where was I exactly 1 year ago RIGHT at this EXACT moment, you ask? Why slaying this iconic combo by my girl @dejacarter, of course!! WOW. What a ride it has been this past year … BLESSED!!!

And one year after that video first hit the internet, Caes has more than 440,000 Instagram followers who marvel at her impressive moves and unfathomable flexibility.

She started taking dance lessons at 3 years old, and she was 10 when the producers of “Dance Moms” on YouTube first discovered her. She became known on the show for the “Whack Back,” among her other hip-hop inspired dance moves.

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Caes’ mom, Jaime Caes, apparently filmed the clip. She told Cosmopolitan that the video was filmed when her daughter was “new to the whole L.A. scene.”

“She’s truly the most humble, sweetest young lady you will ever meet in your life,” Jaime said. “She was overwhelmed and truly felt so blessed.”

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