This daughter reunited with her long-lost father in the most unexpected, heartbreaking way

It sounds like something out of a movie or a soap opera, but it really happened to this New York woman.

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ABC News reports Wanda Rodriguez, a head nurse at a Bronx hospital, was working her shift in 2010 when she overheard a doctor talking about a new patient: Victor Peraza.

“I froze for a second,” Rodriguez said. “That’s my father’s name.”

Her parents separated when she was an infant, and she never heard from Peraza again. Nevertheless, she had to know.

“I thought if he’s my complexion, if he has green eyes, he could be my dad,” she said. “I go in and I look at him and he looks right at me. He’s dark and he has light eyes. I thought, ‘Oh my god, I think this is him’.”

She got to talking, asking if he was comfortable, and if he had children. Yes, and he mentioned Rodriguez’s┬áname. She didn’t let on, but walked out of the room. A physician comforted her, and a supervisor wanted to move Peraza due to the conflict of interest. Not yet, Rodriguez said. She had something she needed to do, and walked back into Peraza’s room.

“Hi, I’m Wanda,” she recalled saying. “I’m your daughter. He said, ‘I know you’re my daughter.’ I think he knew like I knew. When we looked at each other, we knew instantly.”

She told him about her husband and three kids, he asked for forgiveness for his absence and even though he was eventually transferred, his daughter and family became frequent visitors.

Peraza died seven months later in 2011.

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