This mom shared a heartwarming letter on her daughter’s wedding day that is sure to give you all the feels YouTube screenshot/The Film Poets

Brooke’s parents were never able to have kids of their own. So they adopted first a son, then years later, a daughter who they had long resolved to name Brooke.

When Brooke was little and had been put to bed for the night one evening in 1994, her mom grabbed a piece of her own wedding dress and wrote a heartfelt note on it she wanted to give to her daughter on her wedding day.

Last month, she got to give the letter addressed to “Our dear little baby Brooke” the same day that Brooke tied the knot. Brooke read it aloud.

“We just want you to know how much love and happiness youve brought to your family,” she read from the note.

Brooke’s mom said she believes that Brooke’s becoming part of their family was a gift from God. Watch the whole emotional video.

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