Oscar-nominated actress Allison Janney recently appeared “The Late Late show With James Corden” where she shared a story about an “awkward” encounter with a beloved member of Britain’s royal family.

The 58-year-old actress, who had just won the BAFTA for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in “I, Tonya” said the presence of Kate and her husband Prince William at the awards ceremony made her nervous about her acceptance speech.

Later, she was introduced to the royal couple while mingling.

“I did meet Kate and William and she was in her heels and pregnant, so I felt like a bit of a wimp that I was there in my bare feet,” Janney told James Corden. “She was in full-on heels and she was my height, when I was in my bare feet. It was kind of extraordinary that she was that tall,” she recalled.

“I just told her that I was in bare feet and I felt… I told her she should take her shoes off ’cause she’s pregnant. It was an awkward moment,” Janney joked. “As I did, I called her ‘honey’ and that might not have been royal etiquette.”

“She was lovely,” the former “West Wing” actress said. “They loved ‘I, Tonya’ and it was a pretty cool thing to meet them.”

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Janney also recently appeared alongside her “I, Tonya” co-star Margot Robbie on the BBC?s ?The Graham Norton Show? to promote the British release of the film, and it?s fair to say that she went the extra mile to sell it.

Movie stars apparently have a special technique for making on-screen kisses look as photogenic as possible.

In the clip below, Janney ? who had to lock lips with Meryl Streep in ?The Hours? ? demonstrates the technique on the show?s perturbed host Graham Norton.


It?s not the first time she?s made out with a fellow celebrity recently.

In November of last year, during her Hollywood Film Awards acceptance speech for her role in ?Wonder Wheel,? actress Kate Winslet thanked fellow nominee Janney.


Winslet gushed, ?Allison, I know I don?t really know you, but I just want to be you. I do. Or, just stroke you or something. I mean, we could always kiss maybe. Maybe. Oh it?s gonna happen.?

In a surprising move, Janney quickly rushed to the stage and the two exchanged a hug and kiss as the audience cheered.

?Thank you very much. Now I?m a little bit breathless,? Winslet said afterwards.

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