Tiger Woods tweets bizarre shirtless Christmas pic because his kids love it Twitter/@TigerWoods

Easy there, Tiger.

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In a rather bizarre turn of events, a shirtless photo of golfing legend Tiger Woods has been tweeted from the man’s official account, because it’s a Christmas “tradition that [his] kids love.”

We’re just as confused as you and the rest of the internet, especially given the meaning of the term “Mac Daddy” and the golfer’s highly publicized history with women.

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Like you and others, we’re wondering if this was a hack or just a really strange way to spread Christmas cheer.

If people are commenting on your weird nipples, your tweet may have missed the mark.

The Woods tweet came right after a thoroughly normal, acceptable and endearing throwback Christmas photo with his father.

Also, who is the lady taking the photo in those shades?


Is it Kristin Smith?

Whoever it is, this is the pertinent question:

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