In an episode of his Facebook documentary series, “Tom vs. Time,” New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady can be seen kissing his son on the lips twice while receiving a massage — and people are really grossed out!

Jack Brady enters the room in which his dad is being massaged, and asks a question about his fantasy team. Tom responds by asking his son for a kiss in return.

“Oh, hello. I was wondering if I could check my fantasy team,” Jack asks.

“What do I get?” Brady replies.

Jack then kisses his father on the lips, but Tom isn’t satisfied and asks for another one.

“That was like a peck,” Tom says.

Jack returns and kisses his dad a second time.

You can watch the video below by skipping to the 10 minute mark.

Jack is Tom’s eldest son from a previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. He has two other children, Benjamin, 8, and Vivian, 5, with model Gisele Bündchen.

The NFL player, who is set to play with The Patriots at Super Bowl LII on Sunday, received a lot of negative feedback on social media for the video.

Maybe Brady just likes kissing members of his family.

Prior to last year’s Super Bowl, Brady took a moment to share a tribute to his mother who was too ill to attend any of his games this season but made the trek out Houston for the big game.

In the sweet photo, Brady is posed with his mother, Galynn Brady, who received kisses on both cheeks from her son, Tom Brady, and her husband, Tom Brady Sr.

“Sandwich kiss for Mom at Picture Day!!! Go Pats!!!!” he captioned the photo on Instagram.

According to PEOPLE, the athlete admitted that that particular season as been “tough” for him, as his mother was battling undisclosed heath issues.

Yeah, it’s personal with my family,” Brady said at this week’s news conference. “I’m just hoping everyone is here on Sunday to share a great experience. It has been a tough year. Every family goes through different things. My family has always been a great support system for me.”

Galynn has been reportedly doing better and was able to join her family to watch Brady claim his fifth Super Bowl title.

And then this happened after game:

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