‘Top Chef’ Justin Sutherland Reveals Gruesome Facial Injuries After Boat Accident

Top Chef star Justin Sutherland was hospitalized earlier this month following a fall from a boat over the Fourth of July weekend. He suffered multiple injuries from the fall including cuts to his face.

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Sutherland took to Instagram for the first time over the weekend to share a look at the stitched up injuries he suffered to his face. And to let fans know that he would be coming back stronger than ever.

The caption to the chef’s health update read, “The pain means you’re alive. The scars mean you’ve survived.” A “few” more surgeries to go…”

The update included the hashtags “comingbackstrongerthanbefore” and “thelongroad.”

He also suffered a broken arm, a severely broken jaw and many lacerations

Sutherland’s update only showed the cuts to his face. According to his family, he also suffered a broken arm, a severely broken jaw and many lacerations.

He was in Minnesota at the time of the accident and fell off the boat he was captaining reaching for his captain’s hat. He fell into the water near the boat’s motor.

The multiple injuries Sutherland suffered were caused by the boat’s propeller.

At this time the GoFundMe page has raised over $227,000

Sutherland’s family setup a GoFundMe page to help cover the multiple surgeries he’s had and any future surgeries he will need. The page assured everyone that he will be just fine.

“The great news is, he is going to be fine. With some time, he will possibly be better than fine. He is adding more character to the face we know and love, and the most important news, his beard is intact.”

At this time the GoFundMe page has raised over $227,000 to help assist with Sutherland’s medical bills and his recovery.

In addition to being a Top Chef competitor, Sutherland is also an Iron Chef America winner, and the host of TruTv’s Fast Foodies. All this while he serves as the executive chef at his pork-centric soul food restaurant Handsome Hog, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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