TV host and former prosecutor Nancy Grace lost it over Casey Anthony’s new interview

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Nancy Grace certainly isn’t buying Casey Anthony’s story.

The TV host and former prosecutor talk to TMZ about Anthony’s new interview, where she revealed she “sleeps pretty good at night” and claimed she can see parallels between her case and O.J. Simpson’s 1994 murder trial, nine years after her daughter Caylee was killed.

Anthony also stated that if she were alive today, her daughter would be a “badass.”

Grace, who became a first-time mother in her late 40s and whose first fiancé was murdered, couldn’t believe Anthony’s remarks about her late daughter.

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“No, you don’t sleep ‘pretty good at night,’ when you child was murdered and her body dragged about 10 houses from your home, left for animals to eat,” she said. “Also, stating ‘I don’t know how my daughter died.’ Really? Because the defense team suggested that Caylee died in the family’s home and they tried to say that George Anthony buried the body.”

Grace got a little emotional when she thought back to the trial.

“It makes me angry and it makes feel sad for Caylee,” Grace choked out. She alluded to Anthony’s “badass” statement, saying, “You know what I want for my children? I want them to grow up to be doctors or scientists or pianists, whatever is wonderful to them. I want them to get through school. I want them to get good grades. I want them to want to go to college and grad school and find someone they love and have a wonderful life full of love.”

“Tot Mom said when asked ‘what would your daughter be today?’ ‘a badass,'” Grace said. “I would slap somebody mouth if they said that about my daughter.”

“I just feel like Caylee never had a chance,” Grace added.

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