Identical Twins Married to Twins Both Pregnant at the Same Time

Bear with me here as I explain this entire family tree. Twins who married another pair of twins and are now living all together are now pregnant at the same time. I know, this can be a little confusing.

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Briana and Brittany Deane are identical twin sisters who clearly do everything the same and together. In 2018, they attended a twin convention, the Twins Days Festival, which is where they met identical twin brothers, Jeremy and Josh Salyer. These four were the stars of TLC’s Our Twinsane Wedding, which essentially just covered how both of these full-genetic siblings got married and are now living together. Yes, all four of them are under the same roof.

Identical Twins Married to Twins

Joshua Salyers married Brittany Deane and Jeremy Salyers married Briana Deane in a girls’ fairy tale dream double wedding, and now that they’ve had their joint wedding last year, the four are proud to announce that both girls are pregnant. The girls even wore identical dresses during the joint ceremony for a “twice upon a time” moment. And now their next huge event will be having children around the exact same time.

The girls initially tried to get pregnant at the same time, but both unfortunately miscarried. In Salem, Virginia, Brittany Salyers got pregnant to which Briana went with her for a check-up. Soon enough, Briana found out she was pregnant as well. Briana is due just about 9 months after Brittany. And according to their doctor, because of how their genetic makeup is, Josh’s children and Jeremy’s children will not only be cousins but could technically be considered siblings.

It’s wild to even think that there is someone exactly like you, down to the smallest chromosome in your body. But it’s even wilder to not only do everything together but to act and dress the exact same. And when I thought it was the wildest to marry another pair of identical twins who do the exact same thing, these people live together under one roof. And are now planning to raise families under this one roof, while sharing a nursery!

Look, as long as they’re happy, then sure, by all means, I support it. But I can’t help but wonder, which they did mention that they get asked all the time if they confuse each other’s partners. I would be irritated at the lack of privacy too, even if someone was exactly like me. But, I’m not a twin, so I don’t want to judge too harshly.

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