Remember back in September of 2017 when Paris Hilton asked the world what was on its mind?

Naturally, Twitter had an absolute field day with that open-ended question.

Well, that was six months ago. Surely people are over it now, right?


We are now in 2018, and people are still replying to Hilton’s tweet.

It’s safe to say Paris Hilton is the Queen of Memes, as well the Queen of Selfies.

In her 2015 book “Selfish” — which was literally just a compilation of selfies — Kim Kardashian West made the rather audacious claim that she was participating in the trend way before it was cool and seemed to imply that she was responsible for it.

“I took pictures of myself with digital cameras when I was in junior high and high school, and I just got hooked,” she wrote. “I was always obsessed with selfies.”

Smash cut to November 2017, and someone else disputed Kardashian West’s claim. Someone who was also doing the “famous for being famous” thing while Kim was probably selling Girl Scout Cookies or something else that young girls do. (Easy Bake Ovens?)

“Who could it be?” we hear you ponder. It should be obvious by now:

That’s right, folks. The person claiming to have invented the selfie is none other than the original Kardashian, Paris Hilton.

“11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie!,” Hilton wrote in a tweet that also featured two pre-iPhone selfies of herself and pop-star Britney Spears.

It’s a bold claim.

Never change, Paris. Never change.

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