Two women quit their jobs to help people lead happier lives — and it all starts with a text message Shine screenshot

Looking for a morning pick-me-up that’ll do more than a cup of coffee or glass of OJ? Shine is there — on your nightstand, in your purse, tucked into your pocket — to give you that lighthearted, positive morning lift to help you lead a more intentional life.

Shine was founded by Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi, two women of color who want millennials to, essentially, feel better in their day-to-day lives. About one-third of the workforce is millennials, and members from that group are feeling overworked and burnt-out.

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But today, Shine announced that it has secured an initial seed round to expand its service. What does that mean? More young people are going to shine.

Eighty-eight percent of shine users are under the age of 35, and 96% of those users said Shine helped them feel more confident at work.

If you could use a little jump-start today (or tomorrow), try Shine for yourself: who knows what you might achieve.

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