High School Principal Does Next Best Thing to Commend All 612 of His Graduating Seniors via Youtube
via Youtube

When the coronavirus pandemic took over, many graduating seniors at all education levels lost the chance to celebrate the last bits of their careers. No final games, no final performances, no proms, no walking the stage…you get the idea. However, one high school principal wanted to do the next best thing to commend his seniors for finishing out their senior year.

Virdie Montgomery, the high school principal at Wylie High School, located in Wylie, Texas, took on a monumental task to end a unique senior year. He dedicated twelve full days to personally congratulate all 612 of his graduating seniors for finishing. Principal Virdie Montgomery was not only upset that the senior class would miss their graduation ceremony at Wylie High School but was also upset about “…all these things that the seniors were going to miss.? The Wylie High School Principal told Yahoo, ?We?re a very tradition-laden school and these kids have gone their whole lives looking at what all the seniors have done before them and got to do, and that they looked forward to doing.?

So what did he do? He and his wife mapped out the homes of all of his graduating seniors so that they could visit every single one to congratulate them. With his wife behind the wheel, the Texas principal would pop out of the car with a skull-and-crossbones face mask, honoring social distancing and the school?s pirate mascot, and run-up to the door of each student’s home. With a snickers candy bar and note in hand, he told each student, “Things aren?t really happy at Wylie High School right now because you guys aren?t there, but one of these days we?re gonna snicker about it.” Absolutely adorable.

Principal Virdie would then snap a selfie to commemorate the situation and be on his way to the next home visit. If the student was working, he and his wife would make an effort to show up at the student’s workplace. If they could not get to the student at all, the principal would give his little graduating gift to a family member and take a selfie with them in place of the student. After he unknowingly travels 800 miles over a period of 79 hours, he put a little video together of all of his entire journey. Talk about dedication.

In spite of all the tragedies surrounding COVID-19, the bright side is always full of stories like these. The coronavirus might create devastating situations, but it has also cultivated hope everywhere. Even if the pandemic has exposed the worst in people, I’m glad that it’s also highlighting the best in others.


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