George W. Bush and U2’s Bono are buddies for a reason that might surprise you

Instagram/Screenshot/George W. Bush

At first glance, 43 and U2’s Bono make an unlikely couple.

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But, former President George W. Bush and the Irish bandleader have had a friendship for a while, thanks to the duo’s dedication to saving lives in Africa.

Ahead of U2’s tour date in Dallas Friday, Bono made an appearance at Bush’s Crawford, Texas, ranch, and they paused for an adorable photo, which pretty much says it all.

But, Bush’s Instagram caption might signal the relationship is moving into bromance territory.

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Bono is the real deal. He has a huge heart and a selfless soul, not to mention a decent voice. @laurawbush and I are grateful he came to the ranch to talk about the work of @thebushcenter, @onecampaign, @PEPFAR, and our shared commitment to saving lives in Africa,” Bush wrote in the caption.

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