Was there a hidden political statement in Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl hug? The internet thinks so @sassEden/Twitter/Screenshot

After the conclusion of Lady Gaga’s epic 13-minute long performance at Super Bowl LI, thousands of fans took to social media to tout her performance. On the surface, it seemed that Gaga’s performance was lacking any sort of political spin; that, however, may not be the case.

At the top of her performance, Gaga performed a short passage from “This Land is Your Land,” a decades-old protest song from folk singer Woody Guthrie that was written as a tongue in check response to “God Bless America.” 

After Gaga sang part of Guthrie’s song, social media users assumed that was her first statement of the night.

During her song “Stay,” Gaga traveled through the crowd touching her adoring fans. The one fan that Gaga directly interacted with was a young woman with darker skin, who Gaga embraced and sang “Why don’t you stay” to.

Though the woman’s identity and heritage are not currently known, the underbelly of the internet has begun to theorize that Gaga’s embrace was a larger comment on President Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban.

That may well be a bunch of malarkey, however, the sleuths on Twitter and Facebook are trying to determine if that was the case.

“Am I the only one who saw significance in Lady Gaga’s hug at the end of the song ‘Stay’ ? ,” one fan wrote.

“Did Lady Gaga hug an Arab or Mexican woman during Half-Time? Ahh shit, Trump will not like that either way,” another wrote.

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