Just before Thanksgiving, Mariah Brown, from TLC’s Sister Wives, announced to her family that she is gay. In the sneak peek of this week’s episode obtained by PEOPLE, her mother Meri, father Cody, and mother through polygamy Robyn attempt to wrap their heads around the news, and things get very emotional.

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“When I had Mariah, I had this cute little girl. I just always expected that she would grow up, meet a guy, get married, have kids,” Meri said, commenting on her Sister Wives’ great relationships with their daughters’ husbands and boyfriends. “I always wanted to have a son. I always just kind of thought, ‘Well, ya know, since I never had a son, I’ll be able to kind of adopt Mariah’s husband into kind of being a son.’ And I looked forward to seeing who that was gonna be, you know? And that’s not gonna happen.”

Robyn then comforted the tearful Meri, assuring her that Mariah will still get married one day and have children. She even reminded Meri that with two wombs in the mix, Meri could end up having even more grandchildren than she ever dreamed of.

“I’m trying to get Meri to understand that all the things that she thought Mariah would have in a husband-wife relationship, she will have in a wife-wife relationship,” Robyn said. “I sit here and I visualize Mariah coming home with someone that she absolutely loves and adores. And I know that once Meri process through this, she’ll see it, too.”

The highly anticipated episode will air on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

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Watch Meri and Robyn get emotional over Mariah’s coming out in this “Sister Wives” sneak peek Facebook/People
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