David Hasselhoff’s Net Worth Appears To Have Rebounded Nicely

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American Actor David Hasselhoff has worked steadily since his debut on Baywatch and Knight Rider in the 80s. He’s well known as more than an actor, too. He is a singer, producer, and director.

Early Life and Childhood:

Hasselhoff was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, in the sixties. However, he was raised all around the U.S., in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, and Jacksonville, Florida. He was in plenty of extracurricular including choir, volleyball, speech, and acted in theatre plays in school. He graduated from Lyons Township High School in Illinois. Next, he studied at Oakland University and the California Institute of the arts.

Hollywood Career:

1974’s Revenge of the Cheerleaders was Hasselhoff’s debut film. He also played Dr. Snapper Foster on “The Young and the Restless” from 1982-1986. A few years later is when he landed Baywatch, which was originally canceled after one season. Hasselhoff put his own money up and became an executive producer to keep the show on the air. It ran from 1991-2001. He played Michael Knight, In Knight Rider 2000, and knight rider 2008. He also reprised Young and the Restless shortly in 2010.

His music career was successful in Europe. He was also a host on the first four seasons of America’s Got Talent. He’d been on Dancing with the Stars previously but didn’t last very long in the season. He has also had a tv show, The Hasselhoffs. His daughters Hayley and Taylor-Ann from his marriage to Pamela Bach were in it. The show only made it to two episodes and then canceled. It was renewed in the U.K. on The Biography Channel. In America, Hoff had a cameo on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and made the song “Guardians Inferno” for the films closing credits.

In 2017, he started dabbling in politics and became the mayor of a California city, Funner.

David Hasselhoff Net Worth

David Hasselhoff’s net worth is a hot topic because, in May of 2016, news broke internationally, blasting his personal life, that he was broke, with only $4,000 to his name. Hoff was filing spousal support to his ex-wife, actress Pamela Bach. She was receiving an annual check of $252,000 from the Hoff. And that’s definitely while he was broke. It’s not like he didn’t try to diversify. He owns real estate.

Before the coronavirus, Hoff and his daughter Taylor-Ann worked together to sell his Los Angeles home on Listing Impossible. He is married to Hayley Roberts as of 2018.

As of the latest estimate, The Hoff is worth a tidy $10M… if you believe it.

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