Where is “Police Woman” Angie Dickinson Now?

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Videos by Rare

American Actress Angie Dickinson was the star of the show Police Woman, a show about a woman who joined the Los Angeles Police Department. The Police Woman‘s role of Sgt, Suzanne Pepper Anderson was a big deal because the feminist movement was gaining momentum.

Her presence in the office lets people see a woman does not only have sex appeal but also be a man’s match mentally and in the workplace. Police Woman won a Dickinson a Golden Globe. She has also been nominated for a slew of Academy Awards and walked away from some wins. Her show made way for the image of badass women on the screen.

A young Angeline Brown grew up in Kulm, North Dakota. When she won a beauty contest, her interest in acting was born, since she was recruited for variety shows. She appeared on The millionaire in 1955, but she won the Golden Globe of New Star of the Year, just four short years later. She made several guest appearances on the NBC show The Colgate Comedy Hour, where she met Frank Sinatra. The two struck up a lifelong friendship. Later, Dickinson would play Frank Sinatra’s wife on Ocean’s Eleven. She appeared in many tv shows like The Fugitive, Gunsmoke, Wild Palms, Death Valley days.

She translated easily onto television with films like her first Western film, Rio Bravo with John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Ricky Nelson. In over 60 years she acted in over 50 films. Chronologically into the ’90s: The Sins of Rachel Cade, Rome Adventure, Jessica, The Killers, Captain Newman, M.D.,  The Art of Love, The Chase,  Point Blank starring Lee Marvin, Pretty Maids All in a Row, The Outside Man, Big Bad Mama, Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill,  Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, The Chase starring Marlon Brando, Pay It Forward, and Big Bad Love according to IMDB. Her list goes on!

Personal Life:

Angie Dickinson was first married in 1952 to Gene Dickinson. The couple was friends with John Kenneth Galbraith and Catherine Galbraith, ambassadors to India. When she wasn’t having ith them, she was seeing others, the likes of JKF and Johnny Carson. She and Gene Dickinson divorced in 1960, but Angie kept her married last name.

She married composer Burt Bacharach in 1965, they were married for 15 years, although they separated at one point. Angie and Burt Bacharach had a daughter named Nikki.  Angie spent a lot of time taking care of Nikki, who had chronic health conditions including visual impairment and Aspberger’s Syndrome. In 2007, Nikki took her own life at the age of 40.

Currently, she is 90 years old and about to celebrate 91 in September!

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