Why do we love Pixar movies so much? This man explains with one simple question

Pixar has been bringing us complex, lovable movies since they first released “Toy Story” in 1995.

Nearly everyone of their movies has been a hit, but how are they able to create such masterpieces time and time again?

According to kaptainkristian on YouTube, Pixar has 22 rules for great storytelling.

However, there is one question they ask that stand above all others:  “Why must you tell this story? What’s the belief burning within you that the story feeds off of? That’s the heart of it.”

“Why does this story need to exists, and what greater purpose does it serve?” the narrator continues.

“These aren’t superficial love stories or fairy tales. They focus on family and respect, friendship and compassion. Things kids should be learning about during their most impressionable years.”

The narrator looks back on earlier Disney films that revolve mostly around a shallow love story where the girl gives up everything to be with the guy.

“There’s nothing wrong with a story about an ill-treated girl being swept away by a prince. But they aren’t really applicable to younger kids. And it makes sense considering all these stories are adaptations of 100-year-old novels.”

The narrator continues explaining the complexities that Pixar tackles that are relevant for any age.

“People have the tendency to take ‘family film’ to mean kid friendly, and that’s just not the case with Pixar films. These are stories for everyone. Fathers, mothers, teenagers, children. Anyone with a bleeding heart and hunger for great story telling.”

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