Will Smith Once Borrowed Gas Money From a ‘Fresh Prince’ Fan

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Will Smith is not your average celebrity. He doesn’t ignore stares on the street or coldly rejects requests for photos. In fact, he might even ask you for gas money. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Smith proudly told the world that he once bummed ten bucks off of a fan at the gas station.

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Will Smith’s Impressive Career

Will Smith found early fame on the beloved NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and I shouldn’t have to tell you the premise: “In West Philadelphia born and raised / On the playground is where [he] spent most of [his] days…” Starring as a fictionalized version of his rapper persona, Smith really was born and raised in Philly. After six successful seasons on Fresh Prince, Smith transitioned into the film — and quickly established himself as a formidable leading man. Smith appeared in Independence Day in 1996, his first massive blockbuster.

The following year, he starred in Men in Black. Smith earned his first Oscar for his work in Ali, as Muhammad Ali, and for The Pursuit of Happyness, which Smith acted in alongside his young son Jaden — who is now a super celeb in his own right. More recently, Smith reprised his role for an extension of the Bad Boys cop trilogy, Bad Boys for Life, with Martin Lawrence. Personally, though, I love him in Hitch. Playing an ultra-smooth matchmaker, it’s a charming alternative to the hardcore action flicks which make up his accomplished filmography.

Will Smith’s Unusual Family Life

Before his current wife Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith was married to Sheree Fletcher. The exes share one son, Willard Carroll “Trey” Smith III, who is now 28 years old. Soon after their divorce, Smith began the relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith which has fascinated fans for decades. The pair officially married in 1997 when Jada found out she was pregnant. Their son Jaden Smith was born six months later. Their daughter Willow came along in 2000. Both kids dabble in hip-hop and exhibit some… confident personalities. (Especially Jaden.) Growing up with seemingly limitless resources, Willow and Jaden have come to define the eccentric Gen Z image of a modern celebrity child. Of course, it’s no surprise considering their A-list, free-spirited parentage.

Throughout Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s 23-year marriage, they have noticeably referred to each other as “life partners” rather than husband and wife. And while that’s not so unconventional, the couple never denied the rumors about their purportedly “open” relationship. The Smiths made news earlier this year when Pinkett while hosting Facebook’s “Red Table Talk,” revealed that she and Will considered separating over her intimate affair (or as Jada called an “entanglement”) with the singer August Alsina. But for now, life partners appear to be going strong.

Will Smith Borrowed Gas Money From a Fan

In this amusing late-night talk show clip, Will Smith tells Jimmy Fallon all about his recent experience at a Los Angeles gas station. Driving on E, Smith pulled over to fill and realized… he forgot his wallet. It happens to all of us. But not all of us are Will Smith. Quickly surveying the parking lot, Smith spied a thirty-something guy and confidently knew: “That dude’s a Fresh Prince fan.” Of course, he was. The fan then lent Will Smith the ten bucks he needed to get home and was repaid through a selfie with the Fresh Prince himself. Considering Will Smith’s whopping net worth of $350 Million, the selfie will be crucial in proving the far-fetched story to just about anyone.

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