WWE superstar puts libertarian charity first in dancing appearance back home

On Thursday night in Knoxville, Tennessee, Glenn Jacobs, aka “Kane,” of World Wrestling Entertainment will ditch his in-ring gear, and put on his dancing shoes to compete in the “Knoxville Dancing with the Stars,” to raise funds for a local children’s hospital.

The pro-wrestler and noted libertarian spoke to Rare about the importance of giving back to your community, and how private enterprise can can help out those in need.

Given the heavy travel schedule of the WWE, Jacobs can pick anywhere in the country to call home. Thanks to the people that he has come to know and love, he chooses to live in Knoxville.

“I could pretty much live anywhere in the country,” Jacobs told Rare. “We travel all the time. I choose to live in Knoxville.”

In the weeks leading up the event, Jacobs has raised thousands of dollars to help the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, an organization he says has touched countless lives in the area. By raising money for the hospital, Jacobs taps in to a form of helping others he thinks is more effective than government agencies.

“Conservatives and libertarians are often criticized [as] cold-hearted and callous, we don’t believe in other people giving up their tax dollars and their money for other causes,” Jacobs explains.

“Our goal is to minimize taxation as much as possible.”

Via private charity, Jacobs believes others can go directly to the source of need, rather than buy in to government overspending and oversight.

“Despite the fact that in many cases the intentions are well meant,” Jacobs says of government agencies, “the result ends up being not very good. These programs are very inefficient. A very small percentage of money actually goes to the people who need it.”

While the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is just one organization, in one part of the country, Jacobs encourages others to get involved in their communities and donate to worthy organizations. Though many Democrats may express otherwise, Jacobs believes that libertarians and conservatives are among the most passionate people in the country.

“Folks think that we want to see people starve in the streets,” Jacobs said.

“That’s absolutely not the case.”

You can donate to the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital here.