Cover your eyes!

Carla from the Flying Wallendas appeared on “Little Big Shots” and performed a death-defying stunt that is really hard to watch. At 81 years old, this lady has no plans of slowing down and this stunt proved it!

“I am ready!” she said when host Steve Harvey introduced her.

And with that, she approached the giant 85-foot pole. When she started climbing, Harvey told the audience that she was doing it without a harness, and that’s when people started looking nervous.

Halfway up, she invited Harvey up, but he said he was staying firmly on the ground. “I have to read these cards,” he said nervously.

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As she continued to climb, Carla stopped and shook the pole. As it swayed back and forth, Harvey started sweating.

“Don’t do that. Don’t shake the pole,” he muttered.

When she finally reached the top, Carla looked down and smiled at the crowd below as the top of the tower began to bend and move. The audience let out screams as she dangled from her wrist. Just when we thought it was over and Carla was going to come down, she stunned everyone by climbing to the absolute top of the tower and standing upright!

Then, she really wowed the crowd with a headstand at the top of the tower!

Just incredible!

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