You’ll never be able to guess how this woman lost 124 pounds

It’s safe to say Justine McCabe has had a series of hard knocks.

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First, her mother died due to complications with chemotherapy in 2013. Then, her husband of six months killed himself in February of 2015, after a lifelong struggle with depression, according to news reports.

McCabe, like many of us, turned to food for comfort and consolation. The 31-year-old was already 285 lbs, standing at  5’10, at the time of her mother’s death. Depression and grief, due to her husband’s passing, caused McCabe to gain even more weight.

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“I didn’t like what I saw,” McCabe told “TODAY.” Then one day, the young mom decided to grab life by the horns and take it back.

“I made the choice,” she told reporters. “I have to do something different.”

On April 1, 2015, McCabe went to the gym to prove herself and others that she could get in shape.

Justine started taking pictures of herself each day to track her weight loss progress. She went from 313 pounds all the way down to 189 pounds.

Just look how far she’s come.

“A little ‘secret’ I’ve come to realize. It’s NOT about losing the weight. It’s about truly transforming your life. Take risks. Do the work. Gain self love and respect yourself to make better life choices. The time is now, our tomorrow is not promised,” she wrote on her Instagram page, now dedicated to inspiring others to stay motivated and in shape.



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