YouTube prankster Jake Paul is joining his brother by starring in his own controversial video.

A video recently surfaced of the 20-year-old former Disney Channel star freely rapping the N-word in a freestyle.

In the video obtained by TMZ, the “Bizaardvark” can be heard rapping over a beat and occasionally tossing in vulgar language.

He initially raps something about “little a** n***as” and than, further into the song, goes “I whip it like my n****a Richie Vetter” before continuing a graphic line about sexual acts. The video comes just on the heels of his older brother and fellow YouTube celebrity Logan Paul’s public lashing over a video posted online featuring a video of a dead body.

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Logan Paul, 22, was slammed by everyone from “The View” to his YouTube peers for putting out a disturbing video in which he filmed himself with a corpse in Japan’s infamous “suicide forest.” He eventually put out an apology that was deemed insincere before sharing a video addressing the controversy along with a tweet announcing that he would be taking time off his channel “to reflect.”

The younger Paul’s controversial rap song is yet another item on a growing checklist of ways he’s enraged the public.


He came under fire just days ago for using an image of a half naked couple in bed as a thumbnail for a clickbait video called “I lost my virginity…” The video was actually referring his first time going skiing, and considering he billed his channel as “family friendly pg clean,” parents of his primarily young audience were decidedly angry. Additionally, he was sued last year by a man who said one of his video pranks left him with damaged hearing and “emotional distress,” and he was fired from Disney Channel for a video that had him ambushing a reporter investigating reports of his public nuisance complaints.


Warning: video features graphic language.

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