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Donna D’Errico is best known for her role as Donna Marco on Baywatch and Baywatch Nights. The 54-year-old bombshell has also made headlines after posting revealing photos of herself on social media — people were complaining. But for D’Errico, her looks are what initially made her famous. D’Errico’s career took off after she was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month.

Donna D’Errico Credits Playboy & Hugh Hefner With Her Rise to Success to Baywatch

Donna D’Errico is fully aware that Playboy is the reason why she made it onto Baywatch. After Hugh Hefner passed away in 2017, she tweeted a eulogy and expressed her gratitude to him.

“Hugh Hefner put me in Playboy & ignited my career. I am forever indebted, Hef. You will forever live on as an icon of epic proportions,” she wrote. In an emotional interview with TMZ, D’Errico echoed the same sentiments, calling him a “family man” in a family that she was a part of. She lamented not going to his final Midsummer Night’s Dream Party, where she could have said goodbye.

“Family man” stuff aside — that’s a little questionable — there’s no doubt that Donna D’Errico feels indebted to Hugh Hefner. Prior to becoming Playboy’s September 1995 Playmate of the Month, D’Errico owned a limousine company in Las Vegas. And while she had landed a few very minor roles on TV, it was Playboy that got Baywatch producers at NBC to notice her.

Without Playboy, D’Errico may have been overlooked forever, destined to play small roles on the sidelines while organizing chauffeurs for the wealthy and affluent.

That’s difficult to imagine, considering her ageless appearance and dream 34D-22-34 proportions. Yet at the same time, D’Errico’s trajectory from Playmate to Baywatch star isn’t an isolated event. Kelly Monaco, Pamela Anderson, and Erika Eleniak walked the same path.

D’Errico Was 27 When She Debuted as Playboy’s September 1995 Playmate of the Month

When Donna D’Errico posed for Playboy, she was about 27 years old. You wouldn’t know that by looking at her photos, though. Her face in 1995 resembles a teenager’s, which is probably why she looks like she’s in her 30s today. You might not know that she grew up as a devout Catholic, either, but… well, I’ll leave it at that.

The following year, D’Errico was on the cover of Playboy’s November 1996 issue. But that time, she’d returned as “the hot new Baywatch babe.” And she graced the cover once more in June of 1998, alongside four other Baywatch co-stars.

Donna’s Playboy Pictorial Plays on the “Limousine” Theme

But it was probably Donna D’Errico’s first round with Playboy that was the spiciest. She’s completely naked in nearly all of her photos, with the exception of one that shows her dressed as a limousine driver. No one would ever guess that there were so many layers of skin under her chauffeur suit.

In one photo, she’s wearing cowgirl boots and a red and white polka dot dress that is only covering her torso. Her smallish bush and breasts are completely hanging out as she’s leaning back on a table, holding playing cards. Another photo shows her wearing the same outfit but with her bush covered. A third photo shows her still wearing the boots but pulling her dress over her head.

In another set of photos, Donna is wearing a black and white pinstriped underbust corset. One of those photos shows her unclipping it from behind, with a full shot of her bum. In another photo, she’s shown in the backseat of a limousine, still wearing the corset. She has an unbuttoned white button-up collared shirt and is holding a zebra-print off to the side to reveal part of her private bits. Then she’s shown without the white shirt, her breasts hanging over her corset, taking off her thong as she looks longingly out the window.

The white button-up shirt makes a return in an office setting as Donna is sitting back in a black swivel chair, holding a telephone. Her left breast is fully visible, as is a side-view of her butt. Her feet, in black hells, are up on the wall. The photo of course is referencing her limousine company, in an executive suite sort of way, while alluding to something more intimate.

The Pictures Get Very Sexually Suggestive

Donna D’Errico’s other photos are fully nude, with the exception of the occasional thigh-high pantyhose. She’s seen leaning seductively against a wall, while her waist is pressed forward against a very phallic gold post. In another photo, she’s at the end of a bathtub, covered in bubbles and squatting over the faucet.

One photo shows D’Errico naked and leaning against a black filing cabinet. It’s back to the office setting as she’s enjoying the wind from a fan.

Lastly, the Playmate is shown lying on a bed in a variety of poses, one of which is suggestive of self-foreplay.

Needless to say, Donna D’Errico’s original Playboy pictorial certainly went all-out. It’s no surprise that she attracted the attention of NBC producers or any other man on the planet.

On D’Errico’s Playmate profile, it’s mentioned that she was noticed by a Playboy talent scout in a grocery store of all places. Her original interview also mentioned that she always wanted to be an actress. Hilariously, her stage debut as a young girl was as the Virgin Mary in a school nativity play.

“It was elementary school,” she said. “I still had the qualifications for the role then.”

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