Snugly, snorty, lovey, and funny, the little Boston Terrier is “America’s Gentleman.” With roots dating back to the 1800s, the Boston Terrier is a very interesting pup indeed.

We dug up some Rare fun facts and trivia on them right here. For all 12 facts, be sure to check the video.

1. The Boston Terrier was the first Non-Sporting Group dog bred in the United States. It was bred specifically for companionship.

2. They are famous for their snoring. They are such infamous snorers because of the shape of their muzzles.

3. They are nicknamed “America’s Gentleman” because their coloring resembles a little tuxedo.

4. They are almost always born via c-section. This is because of their large, bulbous heads and slim hips.

5. They are one of a few breeds that are listed as having a strong sense of humor.

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