It’s popularly known as the “Lassie” dog, but the Rough Collie actually has a few different names. But don’t confuse it with the Border Collie or the Shetland Sheepdog!

The Rough Collie is a incredibly unique and fun dog! We take a Rare look at some fun facts and trivia for Lassie and her breed.

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1. The Rough Collie was originally bred for herding purposes in the Scottish Highlands

The Collie shows extraordinary herding skills. This also explains the long hair, which definitely played a part in keeping the dog warm and cozy in the Scottish mountain terrain.

2. Queen Victoria adopted a couple after visiting neighboring castles in the U.K.

This almost assuredly led to their popularity. The Collie immediately became a fashion statement! I guess when you’re the Queen of Great Britain and you find a pretty cool pet that’s also smart and kind and playful, that’ll tend to happen.

3. They make great family pets

Collies aren’t super nervous. They are great at listening and being trained and, maybe most importantly, at being patient and rounding up the kiddos.

4. Lassie never actually saved Timmy from the well

Lassie, saved Timmy from a number of possible catastrophes, but never from a well. (Sorry to shatter your world.) She saved him from quicksand, a wolf, a bear, a tiger, a bobcat, rivers and a mine shaft, but no well. It is maybe one of the most popular misconceptions in TV history.

5. Texas A&M’s unofficial mascot and highest-ranking member of the Corps of Cadets…

…was a Rough Collie named Reveille.

Check out the video for even more cute and cuddly facts!

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