13 fun and lovable facts about the Great Dane

The Great Dane has long been one of the dog wonders. Massive, intelligent, protective, loving and caring, they have been wonderful companions to mankind for years.

Did you know that the Great Dane’s ancestors actually date back to the 13th and 14th centuries B.C.? There are a lot of fun and interesting facts we have dug up (sorry, not sorry, we’re always going to use dog puns if we can) about the Great Dane.

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Let’s have a good ol’ fashioned Rare look at some Great Dane trivia and fun facts.

Great Dane fun facts

1. The Great Dane’s ancestors stem back to ancient Greek boar-hounds. While not exactly the same, they share many of the same characteristics. Records show these massive hunting companions as far back as the 13th or 14th century B.C.

2. Great Danes were used in all manner of hunting throughout the ages. Because of their size, they specialized in deer, boar, and bear hunting.

3. They were “Kammerhundes.” Obviously, everyone knows what that means, right? Okay, fine, well if it happens to come up in your trivia night, we’ll tell you.

Kammerhunde is a German word meaning chamber dog, or a dog that would sleep by its master’s side while he slept, protecting him from harm. We see evidence of this in medieval royalty — dogs protecting young princes and princesses from would-be nighttime assassins. (Just in case you were wondering, a Great Dane’s bark would probably easily wake up an entire castle.)

4. The Great Dane is massive. Alright, well everyone actually does know that one, but did you know that its large size is actually a ruse for its incredibly friendly nature? It’s the epitome of a gentle giant!

5. Because of their friendly nature, they are excellent family dogs! They have a patience and protection for little children that we don’t see with many other breeds, especially dogs as big as the Great Dane!

6. At only 18 months (or 10.5 dog years), the Great Dane can weigh 120 pounds for a male and 100 pounds for a female.

7. The original name for the Great Dane is Deutsche Dogge. Some refer to them as a German Mastiff.

Alright, that’s seven fun facts — but our video has 13! Check it out!

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