Maybelle the pig was 196 pounds when she was rescued from an abusive environment in Massachusetts recently.

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But thanks to caregivers at the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL), the pot-bellied pig is getting a chance to get healthy and has gone on a diet.

The pig is the third such animal that has been rescued from the home of a woman named Megan Caterino, according to the ARL.

“It’s not healthy,” said ARL Law Enforcement Officer Darleen Wood. “It’s not healthy for an animal to be malnourished, nor is it good to be obese, even a pig.”

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While right now, Maybelle can hardly stand, caregivers plan to get her down to her ideal weight and then find her the “right” home.

Anna Chaletzky of the ARL said that pigs are “very smart” and that they “can get depressed if they can’t move about like they should. So we have her on a strict diet, and we’re giving her a lot of attention.”

196-lb. Maybelle has stopped pigging out and is going on a diet AP Photo/Amy Sancetta
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