A 9-year-old is changing the world and the lives of endangered animals with her creative gift Facebook Screenshot

Every night, 9-year-old Bria reads with her mom.

While researching endangered species, the two discovered more than 3,000 animals on land and in water at risk of extinction. Determined to make a difference, Bria started painting.

Her immediate plan was to touch up on her old skills and create beautiful images of endangered animals. She would then sell paintings and donate the money to “help save the animals.”

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“I promised Bria that after she painted 10 paintings, that I would create a Facebook page for her,” said Bria’s mother. “That was the beginning.”

Her Facebook page titled Faces of the Endangered has nearly 4,000 likes. Her bio reads:

“My Name is Bria, I am now nine years old and I want to save the animals. I paint these pictures because I want people to know that they are loosing their habitats and food. I also what to share their conservation status and threats. My hope is to sell my paintings and then donate the money to support our wonderful wildlife to make sure none of them ever go extinct.”

Bria does the research, and then she paints. Her mother captures images of the progress upload it to the Facebook album, “Bria’s Process.”

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“This is the blue whale and it is endangered because of whaling and destruction of the ocean,” she said while holding her painting of the endangered sea animal.

bria 1

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“This is the Philippine eagle and it is critically endangered because of deforestation.”


After the painting is finalized, Bria signs it, and her mother captures a picture on her smartphone to post to Facebook. She has now sold over 80 paintings and won many awards.

Every piece of artwork has a unique title, such “Cecil’s Sadness” or “Siamese Smile.”

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Bria’s goal for this year is to sell $10,000 worth of paintings. Each piece ranges from $10 to $300, and 75% of the earnings are donated to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

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“She is changing the world,” her mother said. “And if she does at 9 years old, anybody can. And I think as an adult, I might’ve forgotten that. She’s incredible.”

Bria’s message to the world is one that everyone should hear.

“I dream that all people will stop hunting and poaching them and will remember that everybody has a right to live on this planet.”

To see more of Bria’s work, please visit

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