It’s day-to-day for a giraffe calf at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

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After blood work showed abnormalities for Julius, a 6-foot-tall baby giraffe born June 15, he has been placed in the ICU.

According to the zoo, the animal received a plasma transfusion from a giraffe in Ohio a few days after he was born. On Facebook yesterday, the zoo provided an update:

Julius’ intensive care now continues around the clock. After the worrisome change in his blood work yesterday, the team quickly put into motion a critical care plan for Julius including preparing for an emergency transfusion of giraffe plasma donated by our partners at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. That transfusion was successfully administered today and the giraffe care and veterinary teams are monitoring the results of the procedure closely while continuing to work systematically with Julius on bottle feeding.

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The giraffe continues to receive “hour-by-hour” care.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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