A man on a hunting expedition in North Carolina was surprised by the “monster” he encountered.

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Michael Taylor encountered a massive bear during a recent hunting expedition that was much larger than your average bear.

In fact, this animal was so big that Taylor had no choice but to fire a single shot, dropping the bear to the ground instantly, fat “jiggling” on the way down.

In an area overrun by black bears, this one was quite the find. It was about 140 pounds bigger than the average adult bear living along the coast, weighing in at around 640 pounds. Its feet were “10 inches each across,” and it had paws “the size of basketballs.”

Such animals usually range from 300 to 500 pounds. Since 1969, only 22 bears have been found to weigh in this range in the state.

“When I asked Mike on the radio what he had done, all he said was: ‘It’s big’,” recalls Ashley Wishall, Taylor’s hunting guide. “He didn’t say anything else. He wasn’t speaking in complete sentences. He just kept saying: ‘Big, big, big.’”

Wishall said it’s the biggest bear he’s ever seen, and he has been bear hunting for 20 years and guiding hunts for 10.

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And apparently, he was quite the bounty as well. The bear made for 300 pounds of hamburger, sausage, steaks and ribs, divided among five hunters.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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