Michael Kelly was getting on board a light rail car in Sacramento recently when his service dog was attacked.

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The blind man, who doesn’t use a cane and professes to love the “vibe” his dog gives off, was in the dark when he realized his dog was being attacked by another canine.

The pit bull’s owner claimed that it was a service dog too — until he recanted the story.

The fake service dog clamped its jaw around the real service dog, Kie’s, muzzle.

“There was a pit bull on his face just latched on,” Kelly explained. “My dog started screaming.”

Kie is healing and has “blown off this attack very nicely,” according to Kelly.

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Sadly, the owner of the fake service dog will likely get off scot-free due to the protections afforded to Americans who have (real) disabilities.

“So many people lie about it that it ruins it for those of us that have a legitimate need,” Kelly said.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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