Koala bears are known for their hijinks, but one little fella took its exploits to uncharted territory.

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The bear was spotted on a mooring, stranded at sea and shivering, with the nearest jetty more than 100 yards away.

It was a good thing members of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard just happened to be motoring by, towing a broken-down boat to shore in nearby Hastings.

“We turned the engine off and I threw a blanket over him while I was standing on the ladder at the back of the boat,” rescue boat crew member Sean Hannam told the Mornington Peninsula News. “The rest of the crew stood on the side to balance the boat.”

Coast Guard don’t just rescue boats! Westernport crews came across a koala that found itself in an awkward position on swing moorings in Warneet.Koala was soon on board and released on dry land.

Posted by Australian Volunteer Coast Guard on Saturday, October 7, 2017

Once the koala was safely aboard the vessel, it was treated to some TLC and wrapped up inside a blanket, like a burrito.

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When the koala’s rescuers got the animal safely to shore on Quail Island, it soon scampered away, minus the blanket.

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