A coast exploding with poisonous jellyfish is gingerly testing a tasty solution Shutterstock

Thanks to environmental factors and the broadening of the Suez Canal, the waters off the coast of Italy are blooming with poisonous jellyfish, reports the New York Times.

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And with the increase in their population comes the troubling notion that humans can do little to stop the slick fish.

Jellyfish are even equated to trash, with The European Commission recently saying they cause “huge and increasing problems in the oceans, seas and coasts.”

Add the fact that jellyfish are able to reproduce with alarming ease, and you have a nuisance with no easy solution. “You can’t reduce their number,” one scientist says, you can hope only to contain them.

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But there is one innovative solution Italians are warming up to: Eating the gelatinous creatures. Fried jellyfish, anyone?

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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