It might be a common occurrence — at least from a natural perspective — but the sight of a coyote near her residence had one Massachusetts woman taken aback.

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Joyce Hynds saw the coyote near her Newton home recently at around 8 a.m., which is unusual for the nocturnal animals. She claimed the animal was larger than either of her labs, who each weigh around 80 pounds. To her horror, the coyote was also holding a house cat in its mouth.

According to wildlife experts, it’s not rare to see the animals in the area, nor is it for them to kill unsuspecting felines.

MassWildlife bear and furbearing animal expert Dave Wattles questioned the size of the coyote, however.

Wattles says the animal looked larger only because it had a heavy coat, and that it was likely to be around 40 pounds.

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Coyotes are opportunistic hunters, says Wattles, who offered that it was likely the coyote came across the cat by chance.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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