On the Katy Trail, a popular thoroughfare in Dallas’ Uptown neighborhood, you can see all types of people walking by. You can see joggers, bikers and parents pushing their babies in strollers.

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But for one man, he’s making his way through the trail not with a baby in his stroller, but his pet chicken.

The chicken in the stroller is a strange, but increasingly welcome sight, and part of owner Milt Strong‘s rehab from heart surgery.

He’s decided his fitness partner should be his chicken, Summer. So this summer, he’s put Summer in a stroller and taken her for frequent walks on the trail.

He also said this activity was him poking fun at the type of people who would push their pets in strollers.

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“I noticed there were a whole lot of golden doodles. You know, that’s kind of the national dog of Highland Park because they’re expensive,” he explained. “I thought ‘I’ve got a cock-a-doodle.’”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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