There seem to be no limits to what you might find in Walmart, and shoppers at a center in Wadena, Minn., were recently treated to a spectacle when a wild deer ran through the store. A shopper managed to tackle the animal and subdue it while others crowded around.

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An image of the animal quickly surfaced on social media, and one girl on Twitter joked that the animal’s short-lived shopping spree is “probably the most exciting thing that’s happened there in years.”

According to WCCO, the deer entered the store through the garden center around 7:30 p.m. Employees managed to tie the animal’s legs together and haul it outside, where they let it free. Thankfully, no one, including the deer, was injured in the incident.

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Unfortunately for the hunters who have been in attendance, deer season in Minnesota doesn’t open until November, with the archery season opening the middle of that month.

A deer in search of deals found his way into a Walmart but was frightened by fellow shoppers Facebook/Stephanie Koljonen
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