Kruger Sightings is a YouTube channel that compiles videos of interesting wildlife encounters that take place in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. This particular video features a truly bizarre situation involving a hungry thrill-seeking mongoose and a seemingly deceased snake.

Delia Bronkhorst, a 35-year-old specialized clerk & document controller, came across a mongoose swinging from a snake on her way back to Shingwedzi camp in the National Park, according to the video’s description.

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“I never realised these little mongooses can be so fierce — I definitely have huge respect for them,” Bronkhorst said.

Eventually the mongoose managed to get its hearty meal down from the tree, but unfortunately the grass was too long for Bronkhorst to get footage of it enjoying its scaly meal. According to Broknhorst, other cars passed the mongoose vs. snake battle, but were apparently more interested in some nearby buffalo.

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