A Doberman was recently found wandering a train station in the U.K., but there may be more to his story than just being lost.

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When personnel took him to a local vet, assuming that he was a stray, they found he was microchipped — and that his home was three hours away!

Folks at the Birmingham New Street station deduced that he had successfully boarded a train and even made a transfer at Manchester Piccadilly station before ending up their hands, traveling some 113 miles in the process.

At first, it looked like a long shot that the dog would end up back with his owners.

But through the miracles of Facebook, Diesel the Doberman has been reunited with his owners.

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Diesel’s owner, Jamie Kieran Lee-Barrett, wrote on Facebook:

Our local papers have been to take some photos of him this morning, I’ll upload them all tomorrow, thank you so much everyone for the help, and a massive thank you to the kennels, you were brilliant thank you so much.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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