Humans weren’t the only ones affected by Wednesday’s scary GOP mass shooting at an Alexandria, Va., ball field.

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A dog playing nearby at the Del Ray neighborhood dog park got spooked by the sounds of gunfire and ran off.

Luckily, the 50-pound Pointer mix was found by police officers later in the day, according to a Facebook post from the Animal Welfare League.

“Look who is safe and sound! Daphne!!! The Alexandria Police Department came to the rescue again!” reads the Animal Welfare League’s latest Facebook post. “Police Officers found her last night and were able to get her to come to them and end her day of running in fear after hearing those horrible gunshots in the morning. […] Thank you to this loving, compassionate community for pulling together and helping to make so much of yesterday’s events so much less tragic than they could have been.”

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Daphne was reunited with her owner earlier today, putting an end to this scare.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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