There once was a donkey who drank Dr Pepper, and even if it is the official soft drink of Texas, it’s still a pretty weird thing for a farm animal to drink.

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But not for this donkey named Oscar.

Sadly, Oscar “vanished without a trace” about two years ago from his farm, which is located in rural Paradise, Texas. This week, the donkey returned, but his owner wasn’t quite sure if it was really Oscar.

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He opened a can of the soda as if to test the animal, and low and behold, Oscar quickly began to drink it.

Oscar’s owner, Hershel Pearson, said Oscar developed a taste for the drink when he “placed his open Dr Pepper on a bench, and Oscar knocked it over and began drinking it” when Oscar was a foal. He then let him have sips “every now and then” until it became his “favorite beverage.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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