Cats in China are frequently served as food, despite the pleas of many animal rights advocacy groups.

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So when a man named Yang had his cat was stolen recently, his quick thinking alerted authorities to a cat-stealing ring that extended to 500 cats. Police were able to seize the cats, many of them in poor health, and save them from being sold to restaurants.

The suspect was subsequently caught and told police each animal would sell for about 30 yuan, or $4.40.

The police report didn’t say if the Yang’s cat was found among the others.

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Citing animal cruelty and endangerment as means to prevent the delicacy from being served, animal rights groups have long argued against the practice. While China has no such law, Taiwan recently became the first Asian country to outlaw eating cats and dogs.

A feline-lover saved 500 cats from being eaten in China Rare/Rumble
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