Giant snakes upwards of 20 feet long are common in Indonesia.

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But, when was the last time a massive python nearly severed a man’s arm, and villagers then celebrated his survival by eating the snake?

That’s exactly what happened recently in a remote area of Batang Gansal.

A security guard was patrolling an oil palm plantation when he came across the snake. A fan of eating snakes himself, he tried to catch the animal, but instead, the snake clamped down on his arm.

According to the local police chief, another security guard and some local residents, one of whom hit the snake with a log, helped save the man’s life.

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And what did the villagers do to celebrate? They killed the snake, displayed its body, and then promptly fried the reptile up and ate him.

A giant python nearly severed a man’s hand, but he survived so villagers ate the snake AFP/Batang Gansal Police
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