A P.E. teacher off the beaten path in Finland recently stumbled upon a magical sight.

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It was a group of bear cubs standing and holding paws in a circle.

Before you think this man is lying, of course there are pictures to prove the event really happened. The P.E. teacher, Valtteri Mulkahainen, 52, is a hobbyist photographer and luckily captured the moment on his camera.

In the pictures, the three baby bears, two males and a female, clasp each other’s hands and seem to be playing some sort of game. The photos make it look like the bear cubs are playing “Ring a Ring o’ Roses” just like human children on a playground.

“It seemed like I was in the middle of the magic forest in a fairy tale,” Mulkahainen said. “If the bears began to sing I probably wouldn’t have been surprised because it was so unusual to watch.”

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Mulkahainen also said the bears were playing while their mother was nearby eating. The pictures also show the mother returning while the cubs were playing.

A group of bear cubs in Finland were caught playing what looked like this popular schoolyard game Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images
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