An apprentice jockey has revived a two week suspension for punching his hose behind the barriers before a recent race at Port Lincoln in Australia, the Australian Broadcast Corporation reports.

22-year-old Dylan Caboche was preparing to ride a horse named She’s Reneldasgirl in the second race at Port Lincoln, but the mount became was visibly agitated and reared up. A clearly frustrated Caboche then dismounted and punched the horse in the side of its abdomen.

Caboche was later suspended by Thoroughbred Racing SA (TRSA) for two weeks starting at midnight on November 17 and ending at midnight on December 1.

“Apprentice jockey Dylan Caboche’s licence has been suspended for striking his mount prior to Race 2 at Port Lincoln today,” the racing authority said in a statement. “Thoroughbred Racing SA (TRSA) Stewards conducted an immediate inquiry and suspended Caboche for two weeks under rule AR175(q) (misconduct),” they added.

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“TRSA does not condone and will not tolerate such behaviour and it is hoped this penalty – which will remain on the rider’s record and will impact his earning ability – will send a strong signal to others.”

A similar event occurred in August when apprentice jockey Brandon Stockdale was fined for striking his horse after it finished seventh in a race.

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