A llama on the run decided to stop for a bit of tee time on a New Hampshire golf course Photo by Morris MacMatzen/Getty Images

A runaway llama caught golfers by surprise last week in New Hampshire.

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The animal, who escaped from a nearby facility before, got out of his electric fence enclosure last week and surprised folks on the sixth fairway.

But the llama, named Noir, won over the golfers with his charm and even bonded with police, who remembered him from the previous time he got out.

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While it was apparently easy for the llama to escape, it was a bit harder to get Noir back home. After MacGuyvering a rope into a harness, they led the fella back to his stead.

“Llamas are like donkeys, they’re not going to move unless they want to,” police chief Chris Perley said. “Noir is a big boy, he’s got to be a good 300-plus pounds.”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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