A mama elephant is teaching her 5-hour-old newborn how to suckle milk elephantnews/YouTube Screenshot
"This is touching moment when Dok Ngern and the herd try to help the new born baby elephant Dok Rak who was born at Elephant Nature Park 0n April 27, 2016 to get his first milk. Elephant life is fundamentally a social life. ln their natural life, when a mother gives birth, they always have a close friend or family member to help to care for and assist the mother elephant. From the moment the calf first drops, responsibilities are shouldered and the first work is to secure the newborns' survival against predator. The nanny remains close and always helps the young one to get stronger. The nanny will use their trunk and legs to help the baby find the nipple and learn to drink milk from the mother. In captivity , most mother elephants give birth alone. The worst part is that sometimes they will be shackled during the time of giving birth, and be disturbed by light and anxious human voices. And too often, the calf will be whisked away from the mother so that the 'owner' can secure the 'safety' of his new asset, as some captive bred mothers have been known to kill their young. But, on a lighter side, hope that you enjoy this clip to see the strong bond between a mother and nanny and the shared care of the young. Facebook : Learn More :"

When a mother elephant gives birth to her calf, she remains patient even hours after labor.

The 5-hour-old elephant, unsure of how to use its mouth and trunk to suckle her milk, gets a lesson from his mom. And it’s one he’ll never forget.

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Watch how patient the mother elephant is with her calf.

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