The dead body of an exotic animal enthusiast was found at his home in the United Kingdom, with one of his pet snakes reportedly slithering free from its pen nearby.

According to the BBC, local police are preparing a file for the coroner after Dan Brandon, 31, sustained serious injuries and died on Aug. 25. The Sun reported that the snake found close to Brandon’s body was a python — a breed that has never before been linked to a death in the UK. “It is under investigation whether the snake was involved,” a source told the paper.

In a JustGiving fundraising page set up in Brandon’s memory, a friend, John Cottrell, said his death was unexpected.

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“He was obsessed with snakes, spiders, birds and all wildlife, [so] in his memory we have set up two fundraising pages, one for WWF [World Wide Fund for Nature] and one for RSPB [Royal Society for the Protection of Birds],” Cottrell wrote.

“We have struggled when looking for photos for his funeral to find any when he isn’t holding a spider, snake, small bird, toad, slow worm, hedgehog, feeding a fox, stroking cattle, befriending a cat or dog, so these charities seemed the perfect choice.”

“In memory of you Dan… who we will all miss SO much.”

A man is dead, and officials think his pet snake may be to blame john-cottrell3/Just Giving/Screenshot
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