Looking to have a little more fun during your next visit to the zoo? This guy was.

Watch as he gets down on all fours and plays around with the lions from behind the glass.  The lions are cautious at first, but slowly begin engaging with the man on the other side of the safety glass. Eventually one comes face to face with him. Just having fun, or ready to attack?  We’ll never really know for sure.

His wife (filming) thinks it’s hilarious, though maybe it’s not the best idea to antagonize the kings of the jungle.

Are the lions amused, or are they mad? What do the people at the zoo think about it?  It seems like they are pretty interested in the way the guy is jumping around. Maybe it reminds them of monkeys in the wild. The people in the audience will be talking about this for days to come.  On one hand, it’s very entertaining to see the lions respond in this way. On the other hand, it’s a little scary.

Maybe the lions think they are at the human zoo and are looking at exotic creatures on the other side of the glass.

At the end of the video you can hear someone (maybe zoo staff or a docent?) suggesting that the lions may have had enough of this guy. Also, he may want to pull up his pants.

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